Sunday, September 23, 2007

Back to it at last.

At last some progress to report. Saturday began with John and I spending time aligning the brackets for the rear tie bars. These were adjusted carefully and the change in toe angle checked by using a laser pointer projecting onto a cardboard box 4m away. It was actually quite satisfying when the ‘sweet spot’ was found with no change discernible between full bump and full droop. I then set to work on the gearchange whilst john re-mounted the seats. I was never very happy with the previous mounts so they were replaced with threaded bar which now goes through floor rails. The gear change was prototyped in card first to ensure that the bracket fitted. It bolts onto the block using 2 of the transmission bolts. The lever is brought under the engine and now slides back/forth in a bearing. This will attach to a section of the steering column from the fiesta that has 2 UJs and a short shaft, before going along the centre tunnel. All in all, a satisfying weekend. At the end of it we couldn’t resist putting the back wheels on to see how it looked, and only lack of time stopped us assembling the front hubs!

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