Thursday, January 18, 2007

The simple things...

Why is it that whenever you think that you have a simple little job to do, it always ends up being far more difficult than you envisaged? Today I had the simple task of tacking in the tubes that support the seat. Unfortunately the first time I did it, the holes to mount the seat did not quite line up so I had to cut them off and start again. Having got it wrong once, I then spent a lot of time getting the alignment perfect for the second attempt - which worked eventually. Unfortunately this delay meant I used up all the time I had hoped to use to ponder pedal and gearchanges - I have this to look forward to next time!! I must confess to having spent a little time sat in the newly placed seat...! The only snag appears to be that the brake pedal may just catch the steering bottom bracket - however, I did have a large pair of boots on and it might look a bit different in trainers!

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